Podkarpackie Biuro Analiz Podatkowych (PBAP) – Business Tax Advisory Services


Podkarpackie Biuro Analiz Podatkowych (PBAP) is a highly professional business tax advisory services entity.  Our primary goal is to provide professional counsel in tax matters to ensure that our clients’ business activities are in compliance with the Polish fiscal laws. We are convinced that our close relationship with our clients allows us for an early detection and complete elimination of any fiscal risks that may result in a negative impact on finances and reputation.   Our office represents such qualities as flexibility, bold responsiveness and innovation, but the most important premise of our practice is effectiveness and attention to detail when providing expert advice on tax matters.

PBAP was established in 2008 in Eastern Poland near two Special Economic Zones (Tarnobrzeg Economic Zone (TSSE) and Mielecka Special Economic Zone (MSSE)).  Therefore, we can cooperate in person with entrepreneurs who are involved in business activities in both areas.   Being a service provider, we can easily cooperate with clients worldwide.   If your company is interested in cooperation with us, please contact us via e-mail, web or phone.


Carpathia Tax & Accounting sp. z o.o.

al. Stanów Zjednoczonych 34/106

04-041 Warszawa


Carpathia Tax & Accounting sp. z o.o. concentrates solely on tax advisory/representation services (usługi przedstawiciela podatkowego).    Therefore we can assist you and your business in the following ways:  

A.    By being appointed as a fiscal (tax) representative of foreign entrepreneurs.  Carpathia Tax & Accounting sp. z o.o. may be appointed as a fiscal (tax) representative (przedstawiciel podatkowy) pursuant to article 15, paragraphs 7-10 of Polish Value Added Tax Act.

B.    By maintaining foreign entrepreneurs’ VAT records (ledgers) pursuant to article 109 of Polish Value Added Act and if required, by making them accessible to the Polish tax authorities in accordance with strict rules described in article 15, paragraph 10 of Polish Value Added Tax Act.

C.    By signing/endorsing monthly VAT returns with the Polish VAT authorities based on the information provided by the entrepreneur.

D.    By receiving monthly VAT payments from foreign entrepreneurs and effecting monthly VAT payments to the Polish VAT authorities.

E.     In addition, Carpathia Tax & Accounting  sp. z o.o. may sign/endorse any other document(s) that may be required to be produced before Polish VAT authorities or any other tax authorities in Poland (including Summary Reports pursuant to article 100 of Polish Value Added Tax Act).


Krzysztof Pysz


PBAP – tax advisory for business

Krzysztof Pysz
legal tax adviser no. of license: 11335
Member of National Chamber of Tax Advisers


ul. Rozwadowska 35
37-464 Stalowa Wola
Phone: (+48 17) 77 88 347

Office in Warsaw:
al. Stanów Zjednoczonych 34/106
04-041 Warszawa
Phone: (+48 22) 39 09 179